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Men looking for tips that can help them take their sensual engagements to the next level often look for physical activities to adopt. But not all sensual tips are about vibrators or positions or sprays. Indeed , beyond keeping up with proper manhood care so the natural equipment functions at its best, many sensual tips look more at the mental or emotional side of coupling. And one strong recommendation is to find a way to stay more “in the moment” when with a partner in bed.

Distractions galore

Men have a reputation for being single-minded when it comes to sensual activity. The male reputation is that of a sensual machine, one that goes into action once tumescence takes over and notices nothing beyond the physical sensations emanating from his mid-section.

In fact, many men find their sensual activity negatively impacted by distractions that keep them from being fully “in the moment” during coupling. Sometimes these distractions are minimal, sometimes more substantial. And their effect can range from a blip on the sensual radar screen to a decrease in the enjoyment of the activity to a physical inability to continue (or even get started with) coupling.

So what are some techniques a man might employ to stay more “in the moment” while with a partner?

• Meditation. Sometimes to have a good time in bed, a guy needs to start preparing in advance. Men who are easily distracted in bed could benefit from practicing meditation on a regular basis. Meditation helps focus a person on staying in the here and now. Although there can be some benefits to “immediate meditation” – i.e., meditating for a few moments while the partner is getting ready for bed – it is much more likely to have stronger benefits if practiced on a daily basis instead.

There are many classes available that teach meditation, as well as online videos and apps.

• Be prepared. Another way to be more “in the moment” is to take time in advance to rid the romantic setting of likely distractions. A clock that ticks too loudly, a phone that’s going to buzz whenever a text comes in, lighting that’s too bright, sheets that come loose – all these issues can be taken care of before the partner even arrives.

But the romantic setting isn’t just physical; it’s mental, too. If something is likely to be on the mind, try to eliminate it. If a guy is going to worry about his dog getting into the garbage, bag it up and take it out before heading up to the bedroom. If his mother always calls at a certain time, he can call her that afternoon and let her know he won’t be home tonight.

• Tell the story. For some men, they’re better able to be “in the moment” if they tell the story of the moment in their head as they go along. “She’s taking off her blouse while I am stepping out of my trousers. My hands are cupping her chest. My manhood feels excited at her touch,” etc. For many men, this can be a huge help.

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