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Who need no prescription bifocal reading glasses? Published: 21.04.2010 | Author: udtekadapter | Category: Health And Fitness

It is widely known that reading glasses are designed for people with presbyopia. This group of people has difficulty in seeing close up objects clearly. They usually have to hold reading materials farther than normal if no vision aid is available. The term oo short arm?is often used to describe this problem. The symptom of presbyopia is quite similar to that of farsightedness. Presbyopia is closely associated with the eyes?natural aging Nacer Chadli World Cup Jersey , which explains why this condition occurs mostly in elderly people. Traditional, people use regular prescription eyeglasses to correct myopia and hyperopia. When it comes to presbyopia which is actually not a form of refractive error, various forms of reading glasses are now available. The simplest form is reading glasses. And later bifocals Mousa Dembele World Cup Jersey , trifocals and progressive glasses were invented. Among them, a special kind is called no prescription bifocal reading glasses.


Reading glasses provide only near vision aid. This is a form of single vision prescription glasses. Regular bifocal reading glasses offer two types of vision aids, while trifocal glasses add another one. Progressive reading glasses are even more advanced than the former two types. Yet there is still a special form of bifocal reading glasses. No prescription bifocal reading glasses can be considered as a variation of regular bifocal glasses. A regular bifocal lens has two separate lens powers which are responsible for correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness and presbyopia respectively. This design brings the huge functional benefits of bifocal glasses. It also reflects the name of this eyeglass category.


Some people may wonder that what are no prescription reading glasses and who need them. It is important to be clear that a lens of this kind has only a reading power in its lower part Michy Batshuayi World Cup Jersey , while the upper part is left to be Plano. In other words, only the lower section provides visual aid and the vision through the upper section is uncorrected. The answer to the second question is that some people without nearsightedness do not want their distance vision to be corrected unnecessarily. They can use normal distance vision while seeing far things.


C: No prescription bifocal reading glasses are made of lenses that are Plano in the upper section. People without nearsightedness can use their normal distance vision while seeing distant objects.


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