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The WBO world heavyweight jersey title fight against
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On a bleak afternoon in Windermere, where Hughie Fury is preparing for the WBO world heavyweight title fight against Joseph Parker this Saturday, the past rolls Bernie Parent Youth Jersey in like a heavy bank of cloud bringing yet more rain to the Lake District. Fury remembers a childhood of little education, a family of Travellers tested by his father being in and out of prison, and a life marked by sacrifice.He talks simply, without the surreal or distasteful flourishes of his notorious cousin. Tyson Fury was the undisputed world heavyweight champion for just under a year before, last October, relinquishing all his belts amid controversy, depression and associated mental health issues. Hughie is less troubled than Tyson but he lacks the charisma of Anthony Joshua, his far more famous British contemporary who holds the IBF and WBA titles and dominates the popular imagination as the only heavyweight in the world who matters.
But Fury, who turned 23 on Monday, tells a gritty story. I always said to myself: Im going to be world champion. I wanted to give my heart and soul to get there. And Ive sacrificed everything. Ive had no teenage life, no drinking or having friends. I trained like a professional from a young age. No kid has done what Ive done going alone to train with different people who would shout at me when I showed up at their gyms. Ive never had a girlfriend. Ive always concentrated on boxing because my dad said: Women and boxing dont go. Hes a wise man so Ive listened and here I am fighting for the world title in my home town.Ive fought all over the world but not in Manchester. Its crazy because I was born and bred there. As a pro I started in Montreal, fought in New York, even Romania but never Manchester. I was so eager to learn boxing Id to go to Doncaster, Leeds or Sheffield when I trained by myself as a kid. I wanted to get so much experience with different trainers. I knew I wasnt going to learn much sticking to one gym.
Furys thirst for fistic knowledge was not matched by an appetite for the classroom. He stopped going to school when he was 11. After a few months of high school I Jake Gardiner Youth Jersey said: Whats the point when I already know what I want to achieve? I knew it would mess with my boxing.
Tyson Fury, in one of our more introspective interviews, regretted leaving school at the age of 10. He lamented that, with little basic reading or writing skills: You feel like an illiterate dummy. Does Hughie now wish he had had more of an education?Yeah, 100%. But in school I never learned anything. I didnt even know how to read or write. Out of school I learned reading and writing, everything, on my own. I would read signposts and texting on phones helped. I managed to get there but it would be nice to have a full education. I sacrificed everything because I always believed Id become world champion. I said to my dad: This is what I want to do, and he always supported me.
Peter Fury, who trains Hughie and Tyson, educated himself in prison. He exudes an understated but obvious intelligence. Fury Sr even nods sagely when I ask if he was happy when Hughie abandoned school. Our culture [as Travellers] has always said its my responsibility as a father to look after my family. So when your sons get going they are on the way to looking after their wives and children. If he liked school Id have left him in there.Fury Sr started working at the age of nine, for his father, and went from house-to-house selling door mats. I remember knocking on the door and a strange person answers and you say: Excuse me, Mister. Excuse me, Mrs or Miss, can I interest you in this doormat? You get doors shut in your face but you build confidence. At 14 I was driving my own car. Seriously. We were driving around getting a living. I looked 18 so I didnt get stopped. I got married at 16 to my wife now, Maureen, Hughies mother, and were still going strong.Peter Fury was jailed twice the first time in 1994 when he received Jake Gardiner Jersey a Jake Gardiner Authentic Jersey 10-year sentence for dealing in amphetamines. Hughie was still a baby and his father Flyers Jersey Bernie Parent Jersey acknowledges the strain. Especially for the missus, all them years carting Hughie hundreds of miles to visit me in prison. I spent nine years away and thats a lot for a young woman to deal with.

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