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British Swimming jersey takes rare step of apologising
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British Swimming jersey takes rare step of apologising
The duty of care scandal engulfing Olympic and Paralympic sport has plunged to a new low as British Swimming admitted disabled swimmers, including vulnerable teenagers, were subjected to a “climate of fear” while training for Rio 2016.
The former head coach of British Para-Swimming, Rob Greenwood, has left his post and the governing body took the rare step of publicly apologising to athletes he was found to have verbally abused and used discriminatory language about, as well as their families.
The Guardian understands the situation was deemed so serious that a group of affected athletes, which includes Paralympic champions, were offered complimentary psychotherapy sessions if they required help coping with the trauma of the abuse and subsequent investigations.
The performance director, Chris Furber, has also faced internal disciplinary action although this is in regard to management failings and a “lack of empathy” towards athletes. He is not accused of abuse or discrimination.
A source close to the investigation said that in terms of scale it was the most grave of Tramaine Brock Jersey a growing list of athlete-welfare scandals and again calls into question the no-compromise model which dictates Olympic and Paralympic sport in the UK. “In terms of seriousness on a scale of 0-10 I would put it at an eight or nine,” said the source. “You have people with varying disabilities, from learning difficulties through to visual impairments, and it has affected people who are both under 18 and adults who came forward in confidence – in double figures.
“The severity of it was that free psychotherapy sessions were approved for anyone who wanted it,” the source added. “The culture of fear was such that you can imagine the pressure of giving evidence to an inquiry and they were also having to recall incidents that they’d rather not. It was very sad indeed.”
In October 2016, the British Athletes Commission – an independent members’ association for elite athletes in Olympic and Paralympic sport – heard allegations of bullying and discrimination from 13 swimmers. An initial inquiry by a legal firm found the claims warranted further investigation. Information was passed to British Para-Swimming which in turn enlisted two investigators, both former police officers experienced in safeguarding in sport, Authentic Luke Glendening Jersey to carry out an independent check. They interviewed 13 athletes and 10 members of staff over eight months.
It is understood that Greenwood, who took over as head coach of British Para-Swimming in 2013, left his post before the investigation began.
The revelations have caused deep concern within UK Sport, the funding agency which allocated more than £11m in public and lottery money to the elite Para-swimming programme in the four-year cycle leading to the Rio Games. It said in a statement: “UK Sport can confirm that we are now in receipt of the report from British Swimming. We will now carefully consider it before confirming what if any actions we may need to take in response to the findings.”
The swimmers were enormously successful, winning 47 medals, 16 of them gold, and finishing second in the medal table, contributing to Greenwood being handed Jason Pominville Womens Jersey the High Performance Coach of the Year award by Sports Coach UK in November 2016.

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