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Do not Miss Out On Great Opportunities Kevin De Bruyne Belgie Shirt , Network with Your Bosses Published: 16.06.2010 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising

If you are like me, I shudder at the thought of going to a social gathering alone with just my color business cards. I always feel this way because I am an utter failure when it comes to small talk.


I often feel that what I am saying is not worth the time of the other person so I rush it just to get it over and done with. I personally feel that the topics I discuss are irrelevant and not at all interesting. This feeling remained and I just stopped going to any event, be it organized by a company or even social gatherings. That is, until I came across this article on how to have enough confidence to engage people in small talk. I found it comforting when I learned that even experienced people have had issues with small talk particularly if the people they are to engage in are their big boss Axel Witsel Belgie Shirt , a personality, or a VIP. It can be especially daunting if we have to engage someone who has authority over us. Right? Anything involving a boss can be a bit unnerving.


Indeed, conversations with a boss can be nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, it can also be a source of many great opportunities. Danger comes from being unprepared to engage your boss Jan Vertonghen Belgie Shirt , hence, committing a blunder can either be from saying something offensive or saying something that is better left unsaid. Opportunity, on the other hand, arises because you can introduce a completely new aspect of yourself to someone who has the power to influence.


I learned from this helpful article that if I know that I am attending a gathering Leander Dendoncker Belgie Shirt , I had better prepare myself to engage in small talk. Small talks are not always spontaneous, as you would think it is. You can actually design how the conversation would proceed by knowing what you will say or how you will say it in advance. Here are a few pointers that I learned on how I can prepare myself so as not to miss out on any great opportunity.


First, I make sure that I actively introduce myself to company executives. Company presidents, CEOs Thomas Vermaelen Belgie Shirt , as well as Board of Directors are not the people you expect to remember you, especially if you just sit in a corner waiting for the event to finally conclude. I learned that to be remembered, I must make an effort to introduce myself.


Armed with business card printing, I search for the people I need to liaise with. I then come up to the boss Jordan Lukaku Belgie Shirt , introduce myself and hand over my color business cards even if we are from the same company. This way, I am helping my boss avoid the embarrassing situation of pretending to know me or remembering my name. Your bosses or anybody in particular would appreciate this gesture because you are in fact helping them avoid a potentially awkward situation.


Second, I do my Googling. I search the Internet to know more about my target people: the CEO, senior director Thibaut Courtois Belgie Shirt , or the VIP. I find social networking sites very helpful because they give me potential conversation topics. Through these sites, I have to know that my boss is a pure vegetarian. I also learned that he loves communing with nature. Lastly and most importantly, I learned that he also adores cross-stitching 鈥?a hobby of mine that I am quite good at. Now what do you think we talked about?


Most importantly, I need to relax. When I am introduced to a senior manager Aangepaste Belgie Shirt , I make eye contact and establish a connection by shaking his or her hand. Smile and relax 鈥?this is the best lesson I can impart.


Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in the color business cards and business card printing industry. Order business cards online with PrintPlace.


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